Introducing Roll Upcycled Clothing

From day one, we have been on the lookout for creative ways to operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Up to this point, we have focused on sourcing compostable and eco-friendly packing materials for online orders; from mailers to packing tape, to landfill-biodegradable "bubble wrap". But we can't stop there! 

We are proud to introduce our latest environmentally-friendly initiative - Roll Upcycled Clothing. This clothing range is something we have been working on for quite some time now and it is a dream come true to see it come to life!

The collection includes one-of-a-kind clothing items. Each piece has been carefully selected from local op-shops around Australia, then prepared and screen printed with exclusive Roll Skate Studio designs.

The pieces range from crew neck t-shirts to cropped tees to sweatshirts and are all made entirely from quality plant-based natural fibres such as linen and cotton.

With this project, we aim to supply skaters with stylish and unique, high-quality pieces while promoting and inspiring creative reuse.

Roll Upcycled Clothing will be released in small quantities throughout the year and will be available for sale through our online store. Be sure to follow us on social media for upcoming designs and release dates!

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