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If you currently own a pair of skates or are looking to invest in a new pair, you will quickly notice that small details can play a huge role in your skating experience. Something as simple as the quality of your laces can be easily overlooked but it is in fact a very critical aspect of your skates' overall performance.

When it comes to selecting the right laces for your skates, there are a few elements to consider. Other than obvious aesthetic features like lace colour or print, there is a variety of different materials, shapes, lengths, widths, lace tips and finishes that also come into play.

For this collection, we have compiled a selection of features that translate to a versatile, durable lace that is not only designed to hold up after lots and lots of skating but is also made from environmentally conscious materials. Below you will find a list of the key elements that make Roll Waxed Skate Laces the perfect addition to your skate set-up!


The new and improved skate laces are now made entirely from recycled polyester and are designed to serve as a durable and long-lasting upgrade for your skates.


The lace material has been carefully dyed for a bold, clean colour that is resistant to deterioration caused by scratching, rubbing and exposure to the sun and moisture. The introductory range includes - Charcoal Grey, Lime Green, Yellow, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Lilac, Coral Red and Coconut Cream.


These brand new laces are thinner than our original range. They measure 7mm wide and are available in six different lengths to suit most skate models. To make sure you pick the best length laces for your skates, we recommend measuring your current laces from tip to tip and picking the closest match.


Roll skate laces are coated with a very thin layer of wax. This special treatment adds a grippy texture to the material which in turn allows your laces to stay tight as you skate. With waxed laces, you can pull specific sections of the boot tighter and loosen others up to your preference. The waxed finish also enhances durability and strength and provides a slight moisture repellent finish. This means your laces will stay in one piece and look fresh for longer!


The lace ends are moulded to a solid tip from the actual lace material to prevent fraying with no added bits and pieces that could crack off or peal.


You can wash your skate laces! With wear, all waxed laces can leave a slight waxy residue when used on materials like suede. If you wish to prevent this, you can pop brand-new laces straight in the wash before use. This will remove a little bit of the wax and make the laces more gentle on your favourite suede roller skates.

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