Grindstone Skate Society

Grindstone Aluminium Insoles (Pair)

✓ In Stock - Typically leaves the warehouse within 1 - 2 business days.

2mm thick 6061 Aluminum Insoles (sold as a pair).

Grindstone Aluminum Insoles are designed to match Vans (US Men’s) shoe sizing.

For example, the Size 5 Grindstone Insoles will fit Size 5 US (Men’s) Vans shoes.

If you’re not using Vans shoes, we recommend the following:

  1. Remove the insoles from the shoe you wish to use the metal insoles in
  2. Measure their length (heel to longest toe) and width (at the broadest section)
  3. Then via the "Contact Us" page, send us a message with these two measurements and we can get back to you with the best fit

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