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Grindstone Deadstop Toe Stops / Amber

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Grindstone Deadstop Heartstopper Toe Stops / Amber​. Adjustable, yellow, heart-shaped toe stops by Grindstone Skate Society. 

Heartstoppers in deadstop rubber give skaters more controlled stops with less slide! Slip no more running out of bowls and have a strong yet pliable stick for advanced toe stop tricks, stalls, and dead stops. For roller skates that use adjustable toe stops only.

Please Note: These stoppers will NOT fit Impala Skates, Rio Roller Script Skates, Starfire 500 Skates, Crazy Retro Skates or any other skates that require bolt-in toe stops.

Stem Lengths: 17mm (Short), 32mm (Long)

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